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In the Clouds



Delicate Armour for Courageous Lovers. Nepheliad is a Vancouver based jewellery line created by Scarlet Tolentino. By combining her value for practical application and appreciation for understated elegance,  the result is a reflection of her personal style: unfussy, modern feminine, with a touch of masculinity.

Scarlet Tolentino

Owner + Designer + Metalsmith


Nepheliad derives its name from the lost word meaning cloud nymph. I launched my jewelry line for those with an effortless vibe who appreciate understated elegance. Mainly working with sterling silver and 14k gold, I create barely-there jewelry that makes an unexpectedly bold statement. I don't believe you have to be elaborate to be bold. Simplicity is powerful. I also don't believe minimalism is about as little as possible. It's more about the significance of what is there and the value it brings to your life. I prefer things to be un-fussy and relaxed. Nepheliad is a reflection of how I strive to live.

Nepheliad was born in Vancouver, Canada in 2014 and has since relocated to California as of 2017. Each piece is designed and created by my hands from start to finish in my Oakland studio.


                                                                                        Photo by KIMBERLY RONNING

                                                                                        Photo by KIMBERLY RONNING